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I love what I do😄 visit with me and learn a little about my journey with Mary Kay. Also click on Career Opportunity to to view some videos about how You to can be your own boas with Mary Kay.



Time To Make A Change

Being Broke and Busy will never lead to prosperity. Who is looking and willing to do something new in 2015. Like I always say a Mary Kay business can pay one bill or all, the choice is yours. #prosperity #changinglives #successwithcatherine #extraincome Visit with me at and click on Career Opportunity and Meet Catherine. #thinklikeawinner #ambition #advertising #beauty #business #beautyblogger #businessopportunity #extraincome #empowerwomen #entrepreneur #followme #fashionblogger #hr #hrblogs #inspiration #jobs #jobhunt #joinmyteam #love #leaders #leadership #money #marketing #motivation #motivationblog


Why Start In December

Why You Should Start Your Mary Kay Business in December

1. You get to take the Tax Benefits at the end of the year without doing much to earn them. (It’s like having a baby in December!)

2. You will be able to take advantage of wholesale prices on ALL of your holiday presents for your friends & family.

3. A camera (for Before & After photos), answering machine &/or computer are just of few of the tax deductible ?presents’ you might buy yourself in December!

4. Are your relatives visiting you over the holidays? Practice on them & get part of your ?Training Classes? done.

5. Are your friends & acquaintances going to holiday parties? Help them with a new holiday look!

6. Are you going to travel to see friends & family over the Holidays? Take your Starter Kit with you & practice on them & write off a portion of your trip!

7. Make immediate sales by letting your friends & family know that your Mary Kay business is open for holiday gift sales, last minute stocking stuffers, gift baskets with free gift wrapping.

8. Get some training underway so you are ready to take advantage of the New Year, (when women are ready for a new look for the New Year!). They also may have gift money to spend! Everyone is looking for a ?post holiday’ fun thing to do. January is one of our best sales months. If you wait until then to start, you will only delay your success.

9. Over the holidays, you will see lots of people that you wouldn’t see very often otherwise. What a wonderful time to be able to tell them about your new Mary Kay career & arrange a booking.

10. Since Mary Kay has no territories, when you are making all of your holiday telephone calls to friends, keep good records. Because you can tell them all about your new Mary Kay career & write off the calls.

Play Up Your Look

Wednesday Daily Deal for my current customers or if you do not have a consultant and would like me to be yours. Buy any At Play, YES it’s time to play up your look. All products are $10! Buy 1 get 2nd at 30% off Buy 2 get 3rd 1 at 50% off or Buy 3 and get 1 FREE. Happy Shopping


Building Nationwide

Hello Powerful Women, I am looking for women across the US who are interested in a leadership position. Are you a Ready Right Now kind of person looking to make a change. Just looking for the willing because I can arm you with the skills to make you capable. Comment below so we can chat.


Write Your Own Paycheck

I ❤️ My Mary Kay Because 👇Are you ready to discover why You Too can love Mary Kay #beyourownboss #businessopportunity #career #directsales #extraincome #entrepreneur #homebasebusiness #joinmyteam #leadership #mua #makeup #marykay #marketing #newyork #newjersey #networking #recruiting #success #stayathomemom #workfromhome #womeninbusiness #teamwork


Be Empowered

I ❤️ My Mary Kay Because 👇Are you ready to discover why You Too can love Mary Kay #beauty #business #beyourownboss #businessopportunity #career #directsales #extraincome #entrepreneur #homebasebusiness #joinmyteam #leadership #mua #marykay #marketing #newyork #newjersey #networking #recruiting #success #stayathomemom #workfromhome #womeninbusiness #teamwork


Listen & Learn

Educated people listen to the facts then make a decision. Come listen to my story and see why men and women like me have found success with Mary Kay for the last 51 years. #extraincome #workfromhome #directsales

Wednesday @ 9pm
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I ❤️ My Mary Kay

I Love that I am in a company that is surrounded by supportive women.


You Are A Decision Away

If you want more you have to be willing to do more. A couple of objections I get when I talk to people about joining my organization is that I don’t know if I can or I don’t think I will have time to do it. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is crazy. If you are working a job that has you living paycheck to paycheck and you continue on that path nothing will change. You can’t dream of a better life but be unwilling to do something different. You are only a decision away from changing your circumstances. When I had to make that decision I asked myself in 5 years where would I like to see myself. The answer was way better off than the job I was working at that time would allow me to be. My decision was to either stay the same or do something more so I can have something more. When you really want more you will find time to do more. Are you capable of learning what it takes to do what it takes to get more, simple answer YES. Just make the decision and start today. Trust me, it will be worth it.

What is stopping you from starting something new?