Taking A Risk

Fear maybe the first thing that may set in but being a risk taker with a solid commitment can bring you a big payoff.  Twelve and a half years ago I decided to give Mary Kay Cosmetics a try. I never did anything like that before but I was in a place in my life where I was just existing.  Got the education, got the degree and yes got the job but I was stuck in a rut.  My life was so mundane and living from paycheck to paycheck was not fun. Yes I was grateful but I just knew I was not meant to just exist in this world.  When I was approached to do Mary Kay my first thought was heck no, there is no way I am selling makeup. Little did I know that is was an opportunity that would lead me, like so many to personal and financial stability.  A short three and a half months after I started selling makeup:) I quit corporate America.  Many thought I was crazy but was it worth the risk, you tell me.  I wake up everything morning and my commute to work in from my bedroom to my office which is on the same floor.  I have earned more money than I have ever earned working for someone else therefore helping me build my wealth and design my own lifestyle. I have the opportunity to teach other women how to do the same and that brings me joy. Oh did I mention have been driving free for 12 years, yes the MK Cars are real, wow I can pinch myself when I say I have earned 7 Mar Kay cars. You see when you are meant to do better and bigger, you will never be comfortable in your current situation.  Life is more than just waking up to earn a paycheck which for the most part just have you on the journey of the broke.  So looking forward to sharing with you all my everything I have learned and how you too can take that risk and make it worth it.

Please let me know what you would like to know about my journey.